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Early 2000s Programme

On February 2019 I hosted a programme for Itchen radio focusing on the early 2000s and the popular music at the time. The show featured topics surrounding artists like Avril Lavigne and relevant programmes and culture surrounding my age group like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.


The show began with my introduction and the first song of the show. Following this I introduced one of my co-hosts discussing the previous song played, it’s relevance to the early 2000s and our memories associated with it. These questions were repeated for each song and with both of my co-hosts.

On the songs I chose I brought information about the artist themselves and the strange facts about them and their song.

Some trouble happened with the programme as a new student was operating the soundboard which meant some songs were played in the wrong areas and the theme tunes were mixed up. This was resolved by apologising and correcting the songs for the end of the programme.

I ended off the show with the final song and a small amount of information surrounding it, it’s relevance to the 2000s and our memories associated with it.

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Southampton Pride 2018 programme

In August 2018 I started a series of programmes looking at local events in Southampton and Hampshire for Itchen Radio. To start this series I looked at the upcoming Southampton Pride event at the Guildhall. I had refined my ability to secure interviews and was more confident in asking the public for vox-pops. This helped as it was much easier to get an interview with a representative of Pride Southampton. One issue I had faced is the lack of professional equipment as it was summer break and I was unable to access College equipment which I wanted to use for my vox-pops and interview. because of this the quality of the audio for them was not as good as I would have liked.

Having a positive representation of gay people in our community is extremely important in our current political and social environment and the reasoning for Pride to be the first event shown in a series of local event programmes is that I want for this community of people to see the representation in our local area and for any Itchen students to feel included into Itchens Society as well as feeling apart of Southampton.

The programme begins live with the presenter Joe introducing the show and what were going to be talking about today. It was quite different working with a group and a few of the people within the group were unknown to me, this caused some benefits and disadvantages.

This was my first live programme across Itchen College and so i feel my segment in the programme wasn’t as strong as I would have liked, though I am still proud of the outcome.

the benefits to working in a group were that we spread the work load with each other though some members needed more help than others to get their scripts together. I was tasked with getting an interview and vox-pops. This task I was confident in since I’ve had many successes in the past with securing interviews. The other tasks included writing scripts for each segment, I had helped in each since my work was already completed at this point. I gained many ideas from my group as they showed me how they present themselves on radio which I compared my own methods and improved upon based on their input.

A few disadvantages working with a group is that we were all on different skill levels in our confidence when it comes to speaking live on radio. Some nervousness from the first segment rattled the rest of us which I feel can be seen during the show. Now I know this I will need to try and stay calmer for future programmes. I also noticed our levels of organisation varied wildly. With a few people ready and completed a few days before and others typing their script at the last few minutes before we went live. This showed me that in future if i work with these people again I may need to organise others as well as myself.

after Luke’s segment on gay representation in the music and media industry was my segment on Southampton Pride which occurred during the summer a few weeks before coming back to college. In this time before college I had collected the vox-pops at the event and organised and interview a day after. Because i wasn’t in college at the time I could not get access to the voice recording equipment which I needed. Instead I used my phones voice recorder which wasn’t industry standard but did work for what I needed.